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CAMIS INDUSTRIES is on the forefront as injection molding evolves into new techniques improving product service and reliability. One example is Metal to Plastic conversion. By replacing metal with high performance plastics, you can significantly reduce the cost and weight of many parts. Full strength and functional specifications are maintained or exceeded and the plastic part requires fewer finishing operations.

We are also experienced with Insert Molding which reduces your cost by molding plastic around metal components, thereby eliminating a step in the assembly chain.

Each molded part has its own unique inspection criteria which includes dimensional, functional and mating part fit checks. Product is inspected at specified intervals by trained machine operators to insure product quality.

At CAMIS INDUSTRIES we have 23 injection molding machines ranging from 45 tons to 500 tons with shot sizes ranging from 3 ounces to 67 ounces. Most of our molding machines are computer or microprocessor controlled to produce consistent results.

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